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Paige Hathaway

Workout Sliders

Workout Sliders

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Workout sliders, small flat discs that glide on surfaces, enhance strength training by engaging multiple muscle groups in dynamic movements like lunges and planks. Whether on hardwood or carpet, these sliders provide a low-impact method to improve core strength, balance, and muscular endurance. Portable and simple to use, they're ideal for home workouts, fostering creativity in designing varied exercise routines.

My top ten favorite movements you can do with sliders: 

  • Lateral Lunges: Slide one foot to the side while bending the opposite knee.
  • Plank Slides: Start in a plank position and slide each foot alternatively toward your chest.
  • Mountain Climbers: Bring knees toward your chest in a plank position, alternating quickly.
  • Reverse Lunges: Step backward with one foot, sliding it back to a lunge position.
  • Body Saws: Begin in a plank position and slide backward, engaging your core.
  • Leg Curl: Lie on your back, heels on sliders, and slide feet toward your glutes.
  • Push-Up Slides: Slide arms outward during a push-up, engaging chest and shoulders.
  • Pike Slides: Start in a plank and slide both feet towards your hands, lifting hips.
  • Core Rollouts: Kneel with sliders under hands, roll forward, and then pull back.
  • Slider Jacks: Perform jumping jacks while sliding feet apart and together.
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