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I have three programs you can join; my PHFit Membership Website, PHFit Personalized and PHFit 5 Week Challenge. Start with one or ALL three of my PHFit programs today!


For the price of a magazine or your daily cup of coffee, you can gets access to the VIP section of my website.  My PHFit Membership Website is where I post exclusive articles, videos and monthly workouts.  Members get all my secrets and tips to achieving your own fitness model body.  I have worked hard to make the website valuable for everyone, whether you’re a fitness beginner or very advanced. You can join today for as low as $3.99 a month, so there is no excuse not to. Get started now!

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My PHFit Personalized Program allows you to customize your own program to fit your individual needs and goals.  Your personalized plan will be based on your unique lifestyle. You can get a customized program that targets your fitness, nutrition or both. When you join my Personalized PHFit Program we work together to personally customize your plan and re-adjust it as needed and as your body progresses. This program is the closest I work with my clients.

PHFIT in 5 Week Challenge

My PHFit 5 Week Challenge gives you 5 weeks to totally transform your body and win up to grand prizes totally over $10,000. I give you all the tools you need. All you have to do is follow my plan and work hard for the results! All contestants also receive my ‘BLUEPRINT TO A NEW YOU’ Ebook for FREE and it costs less than $7.00 a day! Sign up for the next challenge today!

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You see the fit and tone Paige in my social media posts.  However it took me years of educating and devoting myself to fitness to get where I am today.  I didn’t follow the normal path to gaining notoriety in the fitness world.  My method to having the body I want and a balanced life are unique and that is why they have gotten me recognized by top fitness magazines, TV and media.  Now you can access all of my secrets that I have spent years learning. 

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Join the thousands of people who have used my programs to reach their fitness goals.  My tips and tricks worked for me and they can work for you too!

With programs starting as low as $3.99 a month you can’t lose! That is the price of a magazine or your daily cup of coffee!  Join today and start your own fitness model body transformation.

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