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Paige Hathaway

Workout Resistance Bands

Workout Resistance Bands

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Workout anywhere! Each set includes 3 bands:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy

Material: Terylene cotton + latex silk

Logo: Custom rubber Fitin5 logo

Size: 25*70mm

Packing: 3pc per set in black mesh Fitin5 logo bag

Resistance bands, popularly known as workout bands, are a versatile fitness tool offering a portable and effective means to engage multiple muscle groups, enhancing strength training. Suitable for all fitness levels, they can be used in various exercises, from simple stretches to more challenging workouts. Their adaptability makes them ideal for at-home, gym, or travel workouts, providing a convenient alternative to traditional weights. With different resistance levels, these bands contribute to building muscle, improving flexibility, and adding variety to fitness routines, making them a valuable asset for dynamic and efficient workouts.

  • Hardest level Band (black band)
  • Medium level Band (blue band)
  • Light level Band (white band)
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