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Rebecca Greer

Rebecca Greer

I am sitting here emotional writing this out. This challenge has completely changed my life! I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety over 2 and a half years ago which has seen me gain over 3 stone over that period of time.

Prior to this I was such a confident girl, worked out regularly and loved my figure. After going on medication I struggled to lose any weight or find the motivation. I was socially isolated at home with depression for over 3 months at a time taking countless months off work and has now seen me let my nursing registration lapse!

This challenge gave me a kick start, it has transformed me for the better! 18lbs down and 12% body fat down! Paige is so helpful and supportive and never leaves you to feel like your on your own!

For the first time in 2 and a half years I finally got out of sweat pants and put on some jeans! This in itself is a phenomenal achievement for me! And I can’t thank you Paige enough for presenting me with this opportunity! I’m glad I didn’t let you down, and most importantly didn’t let myself down!

I am now half way through my personal training course! Thank you Paige!

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