Amy Quinones

Amy Quinones

I’ve been dieting for 23 years – yes, TWENTY THREE years. It’s been a roller coaster yo-yo experience that frankly I’m exhausted by. I’ve done challenges before where you get a cookie cutter meal plan and all you are told to do is “follow this” and don’t ask questions. Imagine my surprise when Paige sent not only a meal plan, but a detailed explanation of WHY you eat this way and HOW to adapt to whatever needed not only to drop fat but to become HEALTHY. Not only did I see physical results, but higher energy levels, clearer skin and yes, a confidence in myself were a few byproducts of being a part of the Fit in 5 challenge. You won’t find a more detailed system at a better price anywhere, that’s for sure. Look at my pictures – I changed – drastically in only 35 days. You can do anything for 35 days, right?

Thank you Paige!

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