Success Stories

Bruce Anthony

I'd like to start by saying what a life changing experience this challenge has been for me. Prior to this challenge I had very little energy, I was always feeling fatigued throughout the day. By week two of the challenge I had more energy than ever before! This allowed me to be more productive and efficient in all aspects of my life. The challenge was extremely rewarding and helped me recognize my full potential. What I've gained from this challenge is more than just what you see. I've gained knowledge, confidence, motivation and a platform for a new way of life. I had no idea that this could all be possible in five weeks. What an amazing program! Thank you Paige for putting this all together and providing the opportunity and knowledge to live a healthier and fit lifestyle!

Chad Clay

Instagram: @ chad_clay98

The Fit in 5 challenge has been really great. It got me back on track in my fitness journey and kickstarted 2017. My wedding is coming up in three months and it definitely was extra motivation when things got hard. Celebrating on the beach in Cancun will be even better now that I'm feeling and looking my best. Thanks for the opportunity. It's been awesome.

Chadele Mulaire

Starting weight: 133lbs pounds.
Ending weight: 141 lbs pounds.
Built: Built 8 pounds of muscle pounds.
Instagram: @femme_enforme

This challenge came at exactly the right time. Initially it was going to be my key to try to unlock the body of my dreams. I'm just super proud to have successfully completed the challenge. I've gained confidence, trust in myself that I can do anything I put my mind to and insight on the new lifestyle I've decided to continue to comit to. The results are a healthier body and mind on all levels, a better sleep, better skin and an uplifted spirit. I’m grateful for this program and how it helped me stay on track with reaching my personal health and fitness goals with continuous guidance and support.

Emily Dodge

Down weight: 11 pounds.

My starting weight was 230 bf% 50.8 %of skeletal muscle was 21.9 my finishing weight was 222 body fat was 48.3 skeletal muscle 22.6 and my metabolic age went from 58 to 56. The challenge pushed me to my limits and made me realize how out of shape I really was. By the end of the challenge though I was feeling great about myself again. I feel healthier, look healthier and even decided to apply for the police dept. 2 or 3 months ago there is no way I would have been able to complete even one lap without walking before this challenge. Thank you so much for this challenge and I cant wait to do another!

Eric McCain

Starting weight: 146lbs pounds.
Ending weight: 150lbs pounds.
Instagram: @emacdj

I started Paige Hathaway's Fit in 5 Challenge looking forward to learning about healthy dieting and exercising at the highest level. I couldn't be happier with the results! I definitely recommend this challenge to anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle!

Gabriela Barrera

Down weight: 11 pounds.

The challenge was indeed a challenge. The first week was the toughest one. I thought I wasn't going to finish the five weeks but my husband kept reminded me that if I started it then I had to finish. So, I did. Can't believe so many years went by and I did nothing. This FIVE weeks make a HUGE difference! Thanks for coaching me and helping me get closer to reaching my goal.