Success Stories

Allison Murphy

Instagram: @allymurph1
facebook: Allison Murphy

It works! The diet and exercise plan are super easy to follow. I never felt like I wasn't eating enough, nor did I have any issues being able to complete each workout. The results start to show quickly which is encouraging and keeps motivation up. Paige provides valuable support through out the 5 weeks, answer questions and checking in, reminding you to really listen to your body. The end results are phenomenal and span more than just fat loss/muscle gain. It also had positive impacts on skin clarity, energy levels, mood, and confidence. It is truly worth every penny!

Ambra Bryant

Down weight: 20 pounds.
Starting weight: 241 pounds.
Ending weight: 220.4 pounds.
Instagram: @ambra7

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have this level of transformation and still be going! I feel stronger, healthier, more motivated, more energized, and honestly overall much happier.

Amy Prause

Instagram: @amyboo4222

I've lost 14 pounds of fat, now I want to gain a some muscle! Can't wait to see myself in a year! I've seen such great results and can't wait to see what else I can accomplish with all the goals I'm going to set!

Amy Quinones

Down weight: 20 pounds.
Starting weight: 200 pounds.
Ending weight: 180.6 pounds.
Instagram: @theglutenfreerunner

I've been dieting for 23 years - yes, TWENTY THREE years. It's been a roller coaster yo-yo experience that frankly I'm exhausted by. I've done challenges before where you get a cookie cutter meal plan and all you are told to do is "follow this" and don't ask questions. Imagine my surprise when Paige sent not only a meal plan, but a detailed explanation of WHY you eat this way and HOW to adapt to whatever needed not only to drop fat but to become HEALTHY. Not only did I see physical results, but higher energy levels, clearer skin and yes, a confidence in myself were a few byproducts of being a part of the Fit in 5 challenge. You won't find a more detailed system at a better price anywhere, that's for sure. Look at my pictures - I changed - drastically in only 35 days. You can do anything for 35 days, right? Thank you Paige!

Ana Banana

Down weight: 25 pounds.

I have always struggled with my weight from as long as I could remember. I would just look at a donut and gain ten pounds literally. I have failed gazillion times before trying to lose weight. With Paige's Fit in 5, Her personalized meal plans and workouts really appealed to me and challenged my body to a whole new level. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine I would have this body after having kids. Thanks Paige for everything.

Anthony Bottiggi

Down weight: 12 pounds.
Instagram: @A_Bottiggi

I would like to thank you for hosting such a great contest like this and letting me be a part of it. The challenge was extremely motivating. After severally breaking my arm a few months back and being in the worst shape I have ever been in, I would have never thought I’d be able to get the motivation to eat right and keep up with a set workout program. During this contest, I shed 12 pounds of fat while maintaining and gaining muscle size. I have more energy now and I feel more confident with myself. I feel like I am already a winner based on how I look and feel (cheesy, but true!). Again, thank you for everything Paige!