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Philippine Wedding Traditions

Philippine Wedding Traditions

Filipino marriage traditions include candle lamps, coin benefits, and tying of nuptial cords. Additionally, it involves throwing of rice grains. The wedding service starts with candle lighting, where ninong and ninang light each other’s candles, symbolizing the sunshine of the World. The couple might light 3 candles. The 3 candles stand for their commitment to each other.

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The wedding service also will involve a hen-night, or a pre-wedding party, in which the bride’s friends and family gather to wish the bride and groom a cheerful married life. A traditional Filipino marriage ceremony is forwent by a day-long preparation, or “pamanhikan. ” The day-before-the-wedding celebrations usually involve the bride’s family and friends preparing food traditional Philippine foods and clearing a pathway for the wedding ceremony retinue. Depending around the region, cultural group, and religion, Filipino weddings may include a rehearsal dinner or a regular religious wedding service.

An alternative traditional Philippine wedding ritual is the giving of 13 coins to the bride and groom. In the country, this kind of gift presents abundance, or perhaps “pajama. inches In the Thailand, the groom and bride also share similar oath to provide for each additional. These 13 coins are known as “Arras” and are also traditionally surpassed from groom to bride-to-be.

The ceremony generally lasts five several hours, with plenty of dancing and program segments. In the Philippines, the newlyweds will operate traditional dances for their guests. The traditional dances include the Pangalay, a colorful and elaborate dance. A Kalinga show up called Salidsid is also performed.

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