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My Top 5 Fitness Hacks

My Top 5 Fitness Hacks

Here are 5 of my favorite fitness hacks that I want to share with you!

  1. Wear a “belly burner” belt while you do cardio. You can find these in most sports stores. It is a nylon, stretchy wrap that you can tighten around your waist under your shirt when you do cardio. They do a great job of heightening your body temperature and squeezing the water out of your midsection. If you want to get an even better burn, mix a little hemorrhoid cream with Icy Hot cream to help tighten the skin as well. You’re welcome 😉
  2. Take a dandelion root supplement to help release unwanted water. If you have an event coming up that you want to be in your absolute best shape for, whether that’s a wedding or a vacation at the beach, end of the challenge.. whatever, we all seem to have an issue of “holding too much water.” One harmless way to help this, it to take dandelion root before and during your trip. BUT, it is also important to stay hydrated!
  3. Stay away from dairy! Around 75 percent on the world genetically has trouble properly processing and digesting dairy products. This is called lactose intolerance. It aggravates your stomach and causes bloating. You can still get your daily value of calcium needs through proper dieting, vegetables, fruits, beans, and nuts.
  4. Some Caffeine can be your friend! it has been proven that having caffeine before your workout. can create a better performance throughout your routine. You don’t even necessarily need to take a full on pre-workout supplement. Sip on some coffee or unsweetened green tea on the way to the gym!
  5. Quality, not Quantity. Don’t ever let someone tell you that you HAVE to do over an hour of weights and/or close to two hours of cardio per day in order to “get fit!” You can go into the gym and go through the motions for a couple hours and burn some good calories, sure. But you will get much more out of your workout AND using your time more usefully if you walk into the gym, put away your phone, and give MAXIMUM effort for even half that time

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