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My 10 Best Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

My 10 Best Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

#1 Don’t skip breakfast

And make sure breakfast is relatively healthy. Be sure to always include a good amount of protein and eat your proteins first before eating anything  else.. so you fill up what you’re suppose to be filing up on properly to start your day!

#2 Eat yogurt everyday!!

If there is one thing you take away from this, make it that yogurt is magical. Not only does it have protein

and whatnot, but it is a massive source of probiotics (healthy bacteria) that help regulate your digestive system by decreasing gas, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating. Ladies… It also helps balance the pH levels in your vajayjay…AKA keeps it healthy and fresh.

#3 Opt for Unsweetened Tea instead is fruit drinks or soda!

Another one of those magical things like yogurt that have tons of health benefits that you may not even know about. Tea gives me energy and tastes good, but it also provides me with nutrients as well. Tea contains a lot of antioxidants and it can even help improve your immune system.

#4 Have a Protein Bar Between Meals

Protein bars come in extremely handy, not only to supply additional protein, but to maintain a steady metabolism, and to ease your hunger in between meals.

#5 Buy groceries !!

Grocery shopping can seem difficult when you’re abroad, but it’s definitely a great way to stay fit while you’re traveling and even save a few bucks also. I usually buy oatmeal, soup (which I make with a tea or coffee maker), yogurt, water, bread, peanut butter, etc. and keep it in my hotel room.

#6 Order exactly what you want!

The beauty about ordering out is you can custom your order to your dietary needs! This allows you to stay on track and make better choices! So you want your meal without this or that! You’re the customer and can order how you’d like!

#7 Opt for Wine Over Beer or Liquor

This is strictly my own opinion (although everyone knowns red wine is good for your heart), but the reason why I say opt for wine in order to stay fit while traveling, is because it’s more of a sipping drink. When I think of reasons why people tend to gain weight when they travel, I immediately think of how many people go out drinking and have round after round of beers and cocktails. That happens a little less when you drink wine, since most people don’t slam glasses of wine.

#8  Try to Get at Least 8 Hours of Sleep

Sleep is amazing. Who doesn’t love sleeping? Yes, many of us don’t have time to sleep, but you should try to make time for it, because it can help you stay fit while traveling. How? Well, for starters you’ll have energy to do physical activities, and a little added bonus is also that you burn calories when you sleep!

#9 Sweat for 45 mins a day

Hotel gym or outdoor hike (other outdoor activities) make sure you get your sweat on for at least 45 mins a day!

#10 Never eat two bad meals in a row

If I’m in a location known for something unhealthy and delicious, I make sure the meals before and after are really healthy so one bad meal doesn’t become a habit.

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