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Healthy Benefits of Jumping Rope!

Healthy Benefits of Jumping Rope!

I started skipping rope recently in boxing classes, and have discovered all the healthy benefits of doing this that I would like to share with you!

Why Skipping? What makes skipping so great is its versatility; in our increasingly busy lifestyles you can get real results in minutes. As a warm-up it will accelerate muscle activity and get you buzzing for your workout. You’ll see the difference by adding just 4 sets of 30sec, not to mention the benefits of fat burning that a slow steady 5 min skipping can get… skipping rope burns about twice as many calories as jogging does. At the minimum you will burn 10 calories for each minute that you jump. Even better is the convenience of the size and cost of a skipping rope. I’m always able to fit it into my luggage on trips. No need for rooms full of treadmills and bikes that go nowhere. There is also a mental aspect to skipping. It is a mentally challenging skill as well as physical. I have even heard of some people using it as a way to meditate, just allowing the rope to swing and letting their mind wander.

By altering the speed and duration of the skipping rope workout you can affect a range of different skills that will build you into a fitter, faster, stronger athlete, whatever your sport.

When working into your training, if you haven’t used a jump rope since third grade, be prepared for a humbling experience!  To build up co-ordination I recommend a few practice jumps with an imaginary rope in your hands. You should practice foot and arm movements separately. For the first few goes use a wood floor, or an impact mat made for exercise. The next step is to add the rope. Stay high and light on the ball of your foot and use your body’s natural shock absorbers by keeping your knees soft (slightly bent) and mid-section firm by squeezing you abs.

Start small (1min -2min) to build your ability to withstand the impact and high aerobic intensity of rope jumping. Shoes and jumping surface are important. As with all exercise, warming up, stretching and cooling down are important. How you jump will determine the impact on your body too.

With practice, you shouldn’t come more than one inch off the floor. Combined with soft knees this will keep the impact to a minimum. Keep practicing and coordination will come.

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