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…and how its extremely beneficial for muscle building?

What is Leucine?

Leucine is an amino acids that your body does not produce naturally. So in order to get this you need to consume it in other ways.

There are 9 essential amino acids and Leucine is one of the most important one. Leucine is the primary component in BCAA’S. BCAAS are great for MPS (muscle Protein Synthesis) WHEY protein is a great source of BCAAS and particularly Leucine. Leucine is one of the most important amino acid required for protein synthesis.Leucine increases the rare of MPS faster than any other amino acid thereby promoting more muscle mass.


    • CHEESE (parmesan) …other swiss, goat cheese
    • Soybeans (Roasted) ….others Natto, tofu
    • Beef (sirloin ,grilled) …others lamb shoulder, vension
    • Chicken Breast (cooked) ….others ground turkey
    • Pork (sirloin, cooked) …others ham, spareribs

HELPFUL TIP: Hemp protein is Low in Leucine, so this makes it not a “complete protein” Leucine is going to help build and repair your muscle. Not my favorite protein source when it comes to building muscle but it’s not a bad one and does well with people who have a bunch of different allergies.

    • Seeds and Nuts (pumpkin seeds) …others Sunflower, Pistachio
    • Fish (Tuna, Cooked) …others Salmon, Trout/Snapper
    • Seafood (Octopus, Cooked) …others Lobster, Shrimp
    • Peanut Smooth is a little bit better than Crunky
    • Beans (white, cooked) …others Pinto / kidney

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