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Best Way to Workout in the Gym When it’s Crazy Busy!

Best Way to Workout in the Gym When it’s Crazy Busy!

You want to work out, but when the gym is so packed that every machine and bench are taken you need all the self-control to not say, “Screw it!” Don’t worry: You might not get the workout you planned for, but with a little creativity and my tips, you can still get a good one or maybe even better!

Arrive at the gym with Options:

For every favorite exercise, like a squat or push-up, there are  plenty or alternatives and variations, too, some of which you don’t even need a squat rack for.

  • Goblet squat,
  • Bulgarian split squat,
  • Pistol squat,
  • Jump squat
  • Box squat, etc)

It helps to come prepared with those alternatives in mind. Ideally, these substitutions should be similar in function to the exercise you need to replace. Let’s say you come in for a deadlift, but damn, not a free barbell in sight. That’s okay,

  • Hip thrusters,
  • Cable pull-throughs
  • Heavy kettle swings,
  • Hyperextensions, or – Suitcase deadlifts with a dumbbell or kettlebell are all great alternatives, because they all follow a similar movement pattern and work similar muscle groups

The most important thing, and the bottom line here, is to be flexible and adapt to your situation. You won’t always have the weights you need or the right equipment available for your one true workout, so you have to make the the best of what you got!! Hope this helps, Now lets crush the rest of this month!!

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