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Believe You Can

Have you ever secretly wished you could live the life of your dreams?

I know that feeling all too well. Lacking a stable family situation as a child, I grew up bouncing back and forth between relatives, friends, and other temporary homes. Without a safe (STABLE) place to stay throughout my childhood, my grandmother’s house was the closest to a “home” I ever had.

It was not until I grew older that I realized home is not about where you are, but who you are. To be more precise, it is about the person you choose to be.

I have learned that living a fit and healthy life is more than just looking good on the outside. It is about slowly carving out the best version of yourself with a combination of dedication and faith, and sticking with your goals even when things get tough.

I am living proof that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can achieve any goal you set your mind to.

When you accept that life is what you make of it, you can do anything. My own fitness journey and career— and ultimately the reason I have the opportunity to inspire people like you to better and healthier lives—is the result of me taking a giant leap of faith and believing in myself, even when many others did not.

Everyone has to start somewhere…so did I! When I first began getting into fitness and lifting weights, I didn’t have a single clue about building muscle or nutrition, let alone this industry.
I was just like any other poor student in Oklahoma, working full-time trying to put myself through university with the goal of becoming more than I was. As a kid who had lived in a trailer eating mostly canned ravioli, the last thing on my mind was becoming a fitness model—my only mission, ever since being legally emancipated at 16, was building myself a secure career that paid the bills!

When a trainer at the gym suggested participating in a bikini contest, I laughed at the idea and told him I would “rather enjoy a free weekend than dieting and being hungry and miserable for a show”.
As time went on (and after a lot of coercing), I finally came around to the idea and went for it. I trained and dieted strictly for months to get into what was then the best shape of my life, and left stage as a winner with trophy in hand. On a high from my immediate success, I certainly did not anticipate what came next: placing (practically) last both my second and third time on stage.

I didn’t let that stop me though—I had caught “the bug” and realized that living and sharing the fitness lifestyle was my true passion in life. Quite the contrast to feeling like I didn’t have a clear goal or purpose!

Winning is easy,

but it is not until you lose that you learn what you are really made of. Luckily, my childhood had shaped me into a fighter. Nothing in my life had been free and everything good I had was the result of my own hard work, and that experience had taught me something much more valuable than a plastic trophy—to achieve my dreams, I had to go after them myself.

Not knowing where to begin, I sent pictures, called and emailed every magazine and brand I could think of…with zero response, aside from one very exciting reply from Women’s Health and Fitness. I flew to New York beside myself with anticipation, only to find out they couldn’t sign me on as a fitness model and article contributor without an agent.

Disappointed but still determined,

I forged ahead and with a full stack of fresh comp cards in hand, approached every company with a booth at fitness conventions. After about one thousand no’s, I finally received a YES. Obviously thrilled, I signed my first fitness model contract with a completely unknown supplement line clueless as to what would come next. Little did I expect that the company would blow up to multi-million dollar proportions alongside the dramatic rise of social media, and that eventually, my own online following would grow to the amazing worldwide platform it is today.

If I could tell you only one thing, it would never to fear failure. In my experience, those who remain humble and open will find that failure is a gift that builds character, perseverance, grace, and grit. I don’t know about you… but to me that sounds a lot like the traits of a true champion!

If you are worried it is too late to change your life or that you don’t have what it takes to reach the winning line, I get it!

I was stuck in old patterns of negative thinking for a very long time, before I finally realized I actually had a choice: I could let my past define me, or use it to mold a better future.

…And Guess What?


From the moment I decided to stop fighting against myself and instead use the ghosts that haunted me as motivation and fuel, I started evolving into the person I was destined to become—a strong, independent, and confident woman whom I am genuinely proud to be.

When I stopped being ashamed of my past and began to focus on my goals, I was able to not only thrive; I managed to build a worldwide fitness community that has helped millions of men and women across the world reshape their bodies, shift their minds, and transform their lives forever.

Just imagine…

What could YOU achieve if you fulfilled your true potential?


  • I believe that giving back to others is key to happiness and thus the real meaning of success. The idea of being part of your transformational journey is the very reason why I chose this path in life and the driving force behind my wellness programs.
  • I believe the key to lasting results lies in finding balance. My mission is to inspire people to a fit, fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle that allows them to realize their innate potential and live out their dreams, while genuinely feeling great about themselves and without ever sacrificing their health or well-being.
  • I also believe that…
    • If you dare to dream and be who you really are, anything is possible
    • You cannot change what you did yesterday, but you can make better choices today
    • We cannot always control our circumstances, but we always have the power to transform them into something positive
    • When you live up to your true potential, you can set the world on fire

Now it is time for YOU believe in YOURSELF
…because remember…

Life Is What You
Make Of It