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5 Things to Remember When Prepping Food for Travel

5 Things to Remember When Prepping Food for Travel

One BIG reason I have come across, as to why people decide to hold off on starting a diet and training program, is because they are getting ready to travel, and think that they have to wait until AFTER the trip is over to get started. I am on the road and living in hotel rooms CONSTANTLY and would like to share my tips on sticking to a diet plan, and how you can get started BEFORE your trip, and how to be successful in doing this!

  1. Almost ALL hotels offer microwaves and fridge in-room. FOR FREE. Just be sure to call ahead of time to give them a heads up so you aren’t waiting for them to bring them up when you arrive!
  2. Yes, you can bring food through security check! I have never had anyone from TSA give me grief for bringing a cooler of food through security. Just be sure to freeze SOME meals, because you CANNOT keep ice packs in your cooler.
  3. You can find coolers/back packs/6 pack bags that can easily fit in the overhead as your carry-on luggage.
  4. Over cook! The easiest way to prep for travel is to cook a little more than you think you will need for the trip. You can preserve a lot of space by cooking all your meats and putting them in ziploc bags, as well as your veggies and carbs.
  5. Put your food scale in the bag! Along with plastic ware and maybe a measuring cup if needed. OR you can divide your meals out into individual ziplocks if you have the time before you leave!

Did you know that in the Fitin5 program I offer both home and gym plans, and can customize your program to your hotel gym, and give you alternative workouts for when certain equipment is not available?

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