5 Habits You Need to Create to Start Seeing Results

5 Habits You Need to Create to Start Seeing Results

  1. Challenge yourself at every workout- Keep track of how much you are lifting and continuously try to increase the weight. The same rule here applies for cardio, yoga, Pilates etc. Find a little way to challenge yourself each time, whether it is increasing the mileage, holding side plank for longer.
  2. Cut out sugar– Working out is only part of the equation. Diet is even more important. No sugar, honey, agave, etc. Also to pay attention to nutrition labels and avoid anything with more than four grams of sugar.  Sugar lurks in many unexpected places, such as in dried fruit and in smoothies!
  3. Choose protein and fat instead of carbs- Reframe your meals so they consist of mostly protein and healthy fats. And schedule your carbs for before or after your workouts.
  4. Stop drinking alcohol
  5. Cook mostly at home, but plan for meals out- Prepare almost all of your meals at home and kept things simple. Keep your kitchen stocked with frozen meat, canned tuna, and vegetables galore.

That said, I try to set up my clients programs to where they can have one cheat meal a week where you may indulge in the bad stuff, whether it be a cocktail or chips with queso, french fries, a cheese plate, etc, to help you stay on track and feel balanced.

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